Rosto in Turansureishon
© Sofie Knijff

Translated from Japanese, the title of this performance means : Lost in Translation. This is also the name of a movie that Sofia Coppola made in 2003. Like in Coppola's movie, also in Rosto in Turansureishon, two people are lost. In Coppola's movie they are nog only lost in Tokyo, but also in their own life. Robbrecht parodies this legendary movie and situates it in the dutch 'Randstad'. His Japanese main characters are not lost, but are seeking for the unfamiliar and unknown. In the dutch karaokebar where they end up, they need to conclude that the world has nothing to hide.

Point of departure for the performance is the internationally wide spread but originally japanese invention 'karaoke'. Composer William Bakker creates new songs, inspired by the Shibuya-kei genre and based on Robbrechts texts. Video artist Tijmen Hauer mirrors the story in karaoke-like video-images and designs graphically the subtitles of the songs, sung in Japanese and English. The two main characters are being played by Tashi Iwaoka en Keyna Nara, Japanese dancers of origin.

Concept and text
Joachim Robbrecht

Performed by
Keyna Nara and Tashi Iwaoka

Set and light design
Julian Maiwald

William Bakker

Tijmen Hauer 

Rebekka Wörmann