I am committed to performing arts as an author director and performer, setting up projects myself as well as working in collaboration with other groups.

After having finished my Literature studies at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and inspiring years in Berlin and Vienna, I studied theatre directing at the Amsterdam School of Arts. In 2006 I started to work on a series of  theatre plays (at Frascati-Amsterdam and Productiehuis Rotterdam) in which the theme of identity stood central. With my collaborators and friends we try to make our creations as much a sensual as a cerebral experience in which the sensuality of the body and the wit in language are brought together in surprising compositions.

Despite of the disclaimer that ‘everything has been done’ we’re always aiming for something outstanding, and refreshing. That’s why I enjoy to work with performers that are active in theatre,  in visual arts and experimental dance ; performers that have an awareness of the conventions and horizon of different fields.

As far as I am concerned and for now, I think theatre aims at interrupting our realities through an esthetic experience that eventually raises ethical questions.

Besides my own initiatives I collaborated joyfully with some estimated colleagues. I have been performing and writing for director Sarah Moeremans and the collective Dood Paard. I wrote for theater groups Oostpool and Wunderbaum. Also, I collaborated as an author and performer on two plays of the Berlin Based collective Andcompany&co. 

I am glad of having been awarded the Charlotte Koehler prize(2011) and Ton Lutz award (2006) and have been nominated for the Taalunie Toneelschrijfprijs (2014)

I am very much willing to share research, experience and practice through giving classes and joining workshops. I share theory on a weekly basis at Artez Bachelor in theatre and have been a tutor at University of Amsterdam, mentor at DasArts and Master of Theater Practices Arnhem, giving talks at various institutions. My ambition is to contribute to a lively and fearless performing arts field, that is generous towards and intimate with its supporting audiences.

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Malvastraat 7c
3051NH Rotterdam


Board stichting Showmachine

Sander Boschma (voorzitter), Hester Wolters (penningmeester), Serge Onnen (secretaris)