Robin Hood

Robin Hood is the first part of the trilogy 'What's in a fairy-tale?', a collection of plays that deals with themes of contemporary social relevance through the lense of popular and iconic tales.

How long can one stay a rebel? In Robin Hood, we revisit Sherwood Forest, and wonder what has remained from the Merrymen's ideals? Although they have warded off the king's army and  resisted the temptations of capitalist progress for more than eight hundred years, their persistence is now being challenged : The villagers of Nottingham, who live under Robin Hood's protection, are being wooed by King John. Having turned from a medieval feudal lord into a pragmatic neo-liberal leader, John skilfully plays the soft spots of the people and lures them into compromise and reform. Being plunged into a political crisis, internal disagreements on the appropriate response threatens the survival of Robin Hood's anarchist bulwark.  



text Joachim Robbrecht
direction Sarah Moeremans 
cast Gillis Biesheuvel, Steef de Bot, Joep van der Geest, Camilla Siegertsz, Chiem Vreeken, Louis van der Waal en Dalorim Wartes
set design Dorothee Curio 
costume design Daphne de Winkel
light design Yuri Schreuders
sound design Wessel Schrik
dramaturgy Fanne Boland 
assistant to the director Koen van Etten

Tour dates
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24 Feb 2018 – Arnhem NL
27 Feb 2018 – Zutphen NL
01 Mar 2018 – Arnhem NL
02 Mar 2018 – Arnhem NL
03 Mar 2018 – Arnhem NL
08 Mar 2018 – Drachten NL
De Lawei
14 Mar 2018 – Tilburg NL
15 Mar 2018 – Haarlem NL
16 Mar 2018 – Delft NL
Theater de Veste
16 Mar 2018 – Leiden NL
Leidse Schouwburg
17 Mar 2018 – Leiden NL
Leidse Schouwburg
20 Mar 2018 – Wageningen NL
Theater Junusfhoff
22 Mar 2018 – The Hague NL
Koninklijke Schouwburg
24 Mar 2018 – Hengelo NL