© Sanne Peper

"ELISABETH : If we want to achieve progress we inevitably need to clear those who are hinderance to it, out of the way." 

Queens is based on a historical encounter that in reality never took place. Queen Elisabeth I of England and Mary Stuart are meeting each other at Fotheringhay Castle, where Mary has been emprisoned since she lays claim to the English throne. 

Queen Elisabeth has been advised by her councellors to sentence Mary Stuart to death. In a last attempt to avert a decision that she can hardly bear to live with, Queen Elisabeth tries to convince her cousin to waive all her claims to the throne. While the Queens are blaming each other back and forth in a lenghty argument, the axe for Mary's beheading is being prepared.

Much more than a history play, Queens is a satire on the cowardice, pragmatism and naive romanticism that have have contributed as much to such historical events as have vision and bravery. Each sentence seems to allude to one or the other contemporary political figure.  


A production of  
Dood Paard

Rob de Graaf

Janneke Remmers, Joachim Robbrecht, Manja Topper, 

Set and technical production
Julian Maiwald, Michael Yallop

Costume design  
Bas Kosters

Wig maker  
John Gravemaker

Many thanks to 
Pepa Canel