The boundary between public and private has been demolished and there's no way back. "Privacy is no longer the social norm" Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stated recently. Not so long ago artists moved and provoked the audience with their greasy sheets and dirty cigarette butts (Tracey Emin), the birth of their child (Ed van der Elsken and Stan Brakhage) and intimate sex scenes (Andy Warhol amongst others). An artistic era has perished because everyone’s dirty laundry is hanging out.


The dialogue between Ward Weemhoff and Wine Dierickx, not only a couple on stage, takes us to the limits of the intimate. Blurring the borders between fiction and reality, between the re-enactments of iconic works of art (by artists couples Yoko Ono and John Lennon and Jeff Koons and Illona Staller), and their private lives, they evoke the time when the intimate still had something mysterious. At the same time, they also raise the question of the usefulness and appeal of the secret and masked. Privacy is staged as a striptease of personal confessions. It confronts us with our ethical stance, our nostalgic desire for eroticism in times of post-private pornography.

een production of 
Hebbel am Ufer, De Warme Winkel, Wunderbaum 

concept, text and performance 
Wine Dierickx en Ward Weemhoff

sound design
S.M. Snider

dramaturgy and text contributions
Joachim Robbrecht

Rob Klinkenberg

set design
Theun Mosk 

final direction
Marien Jongewaard

production coordination
Carry Hendriks

production & technique
Sabine Oldenburg

technical coordination 
HP Hulscher

1st inspecient & technique 
Saskia de Vries

Sylvie Dees, Maartje van Doodewaard

Thanks to 
Florian Hellwig, Thomas van Krugten & Anna Schaap

Tour dates
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10 Jun 2016 – Amsterdam NL
11 Jun 2016 – Amsterdam NL
12 Jun 2016 – Amsterdam NL