Trailer performance 15+

Stop looking 4 de real sh*t !  I fantasize you to tatters! 

GTA 5 is a play triggered by the popularity amongst youngsters of the action adventure game of the same name. Toneelgroep Oostpool commissioned me to write a text on how gaming (and especially it's excessive episodes of violence) might influence our way of behaving in everyday life. 

In GTA 5 I try to make palpable the attractivities as well as the danger of the grotesque and absurd fantasies that can occur in games. Three performers on stage are arguing for and against the boredom of reality and the excitement of fantasy as an outlet for teenagers. They question the necessity of political correctness within fantasy and the need of moral values beyond reality. The atmosphere gets tensed when performers are fantasizing about individuals in the audience. A sense of insecurity is spreading in space and provoking the watching teenagers to contemplate whether it is them playing their games or the games playing them. 

Zilveren Krekel

GTA 5 has been awarded the Zilveren Krekel 2015, a price for the most exceptional dutch productions for youth theater. 

From the statement of the jury :
"GTA 5  is a performance on games and fantasy, as filosofic as it is confronting and brutal. Joachim Robbrecht wrote a razor sharp text  on the impact of games without being trapped into moralizing. " 

Joachim Robbrecht

Timothy de Gilde 

Lotte Driessen, Matthijs IJgosse, Benjamin Moen 

Set design 
Janne Sterke

Sound design
Bart Rijnink

Light design 
Wiel Coopmans 

Wiel Coopmans
Niels Bruynjé 

Flora Verbrugge 

Annemarie Schäfer

Joost Allema 

Public relations 
Suzanne Bos


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25 Mar 2015 – Amsterdam NL
de Krakeling
26 Mar 2015 – Amsterdam NL
de Krakeling
30 May 2015 – Amsterdam NL
de Krakeling
07 Sep 2015 – Amsterdam NL
de Krakeling
08 Sep 2015 – Amsterdam NL
de Krakeling