Amsterdam Poet's Theater
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Amsterdam Poet's Theater is a monthly theater night that, in its first season, presents a number of monologues written for the specific actors that perform them. Amsterdam Poet's Theater focuses on the three-way relationship between the actor, the text and the audience.

Amsterdam Poet's Theater consists of writers Artun Alaska Arasli and Joachim Robbrecht. 

March 25- De doormidden gezaagde (The Sawed in Half) with Julia Ghysels
An actress is asked by Amsterdam Poet's Theater for a solo. When she reads the script, she discovers that her role barely has any text in a play full of other characters, even though she is alone on stage. Moreover, it turns out her character will be cut in half during the play.

April 22- Louis, neem plaats (Louis, sit down) with Louis van der Waal
After a serious accident involving a dog, Louis has made a misguided joke. To avoid further accidents, he tries to avoid any form of humor. Even in his professional life.


Amsterdam Poet's Theater


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25 Mar 2024 – Amsterdam NL
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